S10 | Ep 1: Anne Kursinski [part one], 5-time Olympian, shares her unconventional early training with legendary horseman Jimmy Williams. Meet OTTB trainer Lisa Molloy, and celebrate the eventing success of FLY LITE in Thoro’Talent.  

S10 | Ep 2: Anne Kursinski [part two] talks about her silver medal winning journeys with her Olympic horses Starman, a warmblood, and Eros, a thoroughbred. Celebrate Flying Caman, OTTB turned barrel racer in Thoro’Talent.

S10 | Ep 3: Neal Shapiro [part one] reveals the early days of his jumping career that led to silver and bronze Olympic medals in Munich 1972.

S10 | Ep 4: Neal Shapiro [part two] talks about his Olympic experience with thoroughbred Sloopy, his career as a harness trainer/driver, and his favorite horses. Meet HRTV’s Carolyn Conley reporting at HITS-on-the-Hudson.

S10 | Ep 5: Jenny Oz LeRoy, shares the secrets to juggling her horse show schedule with the demands of managing the busiest restaurant in NYC. Celebrate roman-style riding with Rachel Jackson  and her four OTTB’s in Thoro’Talent.

S10 | Ep 6: Amy Momrow, Jutta Lee, Lynn Palm. Amy Momrow shares how her hard-work and dedication to horses has catapulted her into the Grand Prix ranks. Meet Jutta Lee and her son Arne Wolz as they compete in dressage at HITS, and learn about Partnership Training from Lynn Palm at Equine Affaire.

S10 | Ep 7: Tom Struzzieri, president and CEO of HITS. Meet the creator of the biggest and richest show jumping venues in America.

S10 | Ep 8: HITS Pfizer Million, join Susan behind-the-scenes on the richest day in US show jumping. Meet international Grand Prix riders Luis Larrazabal (VEN), Darragh Kerins (IRL), Rodrigo Pessoa (BZL), Kevin Babington, and Laura Chapot.

S10 | Ep 9: John Lyons, up-close and personal interview with America’s Most Trusted Horseman.

S10 | Ep 10: American Farrier’s Convention Trade Show, discover hoof care innovations and meet farriers from around the world.

S10 | Ep 11: The Science and Nutrition of Hoof Care. Connie Larson, PhD and Certified Journeyman Farrier Andrew Elsbree discuss the critical value of hoof care to every horse in every discipline.

S10 | Ep 12: Artist Ester Benedict, Natural Horse Vet Dr. Dan Moore, Equine Nutritionist  Amy Gill, PhD, and Cupid’s Arrow author Buck Kalinowski.  See how DeCloet fabric riding arenas are lighting up the equestrian world…naturally. Taped at Equine Affaire.

S10 | Ep 13: Horsekeeping on small acreage. USDA officials share tips on rotational grazing, pasture management, sacrifice areas, and the keys to maintaining a healthy environment for horses kept in small spaces.

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