Susan Kayne has been in love with horses as far back as she can remember, and has cultivated a life to celebrate them. As the creator and host of Unbridled, Susan utilizes her lifetime of equine experience to spotlight the many faces and facets of the industry. An avid equestrian, she was already a winning competitor on the A-circuit of US showjumping as a teenager, and transitioned to roles in thoroughbred racing as an adult. 

Susan's present day ventures include not only presenting equine lifestyles to the public through Unbridled, but also advocating for the well-being of thoroughbreds on the track, and off. On September 22, 2012 she was featured on Page One of the New York Times speaking against drug abuse in racehorses. In 2015, she launched a new TV series Real Horse Rescues (ABC-WTEN) to raise awareness of issues facing all horses, and to connect local communities with their equine rescue, sanctuaries, and adoption organizations.

Her genuine love of horses and sincere interest in people who share her passion brings viewers legitimate insider information and useful tips to improve their own relationship with horses.

During Unbridled's first few years on the air, Kayne galloped as an exercise rider for the Stables of Bill Mott, and Todd Pletcher, to bring viewers relevant and exclusive information from the backstretch -- with her priorities focused on the best interest of horses.

Susan has hosted live shows for the Capital OTB Network, served as a feature reporter for Outdoor Life Network, and is often called upon for expert equine commentary by a variety of news outlets, professional panels, and educational institutions. She has participated in most of the world’s major showjumping events and racing meets, through personal competition or press engagements, and is a living volume of information about practically all equine-related information.

Susan is personally invested in the improvement of equine well-being worldwide. Her dream for Unbridled, as echoed by its mission statement, is to make life better for horses and the people who love them.